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San Antonio Mirror Photo Booth Rental

Photographs are much more than just images. They capture your feelings at a particular moment in time. They are memories stored in physical form. They serve as a reminder of where you were, who you were with, and what you were doing. That is why people say pictures are worth a thousand words.

Technology may change many things, but the desire to document special moments in photographic form will always remain the same. San Antonio Photo Booth Rental provides photo booths for special events and celebrations to help you capture the magic of the day.


About Us

At San Antonio Photo Booth Rental, we specialize in providing convenient and affordable photo booth rentals for special events such as weddings, graduation parties, and proms. Our products are top of line in terms of quality and technology. They capture stunning images that are clear, crisp, and vibrant.

All photos taken at your event will be printed out onsite so that guests can take them home as souvenirs. Our team handles all the details associated with delivery, setup, and maintenance during your event.


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San Antonio Photo Booth Rental - New Years Eve Photo Booth Rental 2
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There are many key moments and major milestones within a person’s lifetime. For most people, it is important to take a snapshot of these special events to look back on in the future. Although many people have digital galleries filled with pictures of everything from their homecooked dinner to their last vacation to Italy, it is becoming exceedingly rare to see physical photographs.

That’s what makes our photo booths so special. They allow guests at an event to take fun and silly photographs and take home a physical copy at the end of the day. Our photo booth rental service includes delivery, setup, props, backdrops, and technical support.

Wedding Photo Booth Rental
Birthday Photo Booth Rental
New Years Eve Photo Booth Rental

Wedding Photo Booth Rental

For the most part, weddings are family events which means that they often include guests of all ages. It can be difficult to find an appropriate way to keep such a diverse crowd entertained. Our photo booths offer brides and grooms in San Antonio the perfect solution.

No matter how young or old a guest may be, they will enjoy many laughs as the pose with props and take silly photos at the photo booth. Every single guest at your wedding can take home a special photo to remember the occasion by.

Birthday Photo Booth Rental

Birthdays come year after year but that doesn’t make them any less special. After hosting several birthday parties, it can become difficult to generate new ideas to make the event unique, memorable, and fun, however.

Our photo booths can help you solve your dilemma. Whether you are planning a birthday for a young child, teenager, or elderly family member, they will love being able to take unlimited photos at our state of the art photo booths.

New Years Eve Photo Booth Rental

As the year draws to an end, many people find themselves looking back on everything that has transpired throughout the past 365 days. A new year often invites new opportunities but it also means leaving some old things behind. Photos can help capture some of the last moments of the year before it is officially over.

Our photo booth rentals are always in high demand for New Year’s Eve as party planners look for ways to make their countdown event the highlight of the year.

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San Antonio Photo Booth Rental - Birthday Photo Booth Rental 1
San Antonio Photo Booth Rental - New Years Eve Photo Booth Rental 1

Graduation Photo Booth Rental
Prom Photo Booth Rental
Corporate Event Photo Booth Rental

Graduation Photo Booth Rental

Whether a student is graduating from high school, college, or graduate school, it is important to acknowledge the work they’ve put into achieving their academic success. Celebrate the occasion with a fun graduation party where the graduate and their friends can enjoy themselves and take it easy after a final tough semester. While graduation photos taken in the prestigious cap and gown are iconic, they are rather common and boring.

Our photo booths let students take creative and lively pictures that capture their spirit, optimism, and liveliness.

Prom Photo Booth Rental

For high school students, prom is seen as nothing short of a red carpet event. Attendees expect glitz and glamor, as well as night of fun and excitement. Make sure that your prom lives up to the expectations of students with one of our photo booth rental packages.

We provide top of the line photo booths with high quality cameras capable of producing beautiful, professional photographs for students to print out and take home.

Corporate Event Photo Booth Rental

There is no reason why a corporate event needs to be overly serious and dull. While it is important to take your business seriously, when people work hard, they should also be given an opportunity to take some time to relax and relieve some stress.

Photo booths are perfect for corporate events. They can provide fun and entertainment for attendees while also helping to keep your event and your company fresh in their minds.

San Antonio Photo Booth Rental - Graduation Photo Booth Rental 1
San Antonio Photo Booth Rental - Prom Photo Booth Rental 1
San Antonio Photo Booth Rental - Corporate Event Photo Booth Rental 1

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For a full list of available photo booth rental packages, please give San Antonio Photo Booth Rental a call. You can also send us an email to request further information by filling in the convenient contact form we have provided for you on our website. We would love to help you make your event the talk of the town.

Our team will be happy to provide you with photo booth ideas and work with you to customize your rental package to fit the specific needs of your event or party.

“We were absolutely blown away by the high resolution of the pictures that came out of our photo booth on our wedding day. We find ourselves looking back at the photo booth pictures much more regularly than the actual wedding photos taken by our photographer! They are just so beautiful and full of life!” - Angela M.

“For our New Year’s Eve party, we decided to rent a photo booth so that our friends and family could take some silly pictures together as we counted down until midnight. Every photo came out flawlessly. The props provided were a perfect fit for the theme of our event.” - Kevin L.

“We wanted to make sure that students attending prom had a souvenir to bring home at the end of the night. The photo booth we rented from San Antonio Photo Booth Rental was the most budget-friendly option for us. Not only could students wander over to the photo booth for pictures any time they were tired of dancing, but they had lovely photographs to keep from the event.” - Marina B.